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Crewing and Crew Training

A tireless worker, Martyn has been skipper, shipwright, fundraiser and, most of all, our friend.  Programs developed under his guidance have been widely emulated.  Thousands of young people have shared the experience of a lifetime.  Young lives have been dramatically changed.”
Dr. Wallace Eggert, Chairman, S.A.L.T.S.

The Academy [winter 2007] will be conducted by Canada´s most experienced oceangoing Master under sail, Captain Martyn Clark of Victoria British Columbia, and his wife Margaret.   Captain Clark has sailed over 200,000 kilometres of the world´s oceans under sail...”
Captain (N) Victor Suthren, Bytown Brigantine Inc.

We have been crewing for over forty years in a wide variety of craft - commercial fishing vessels, sailing yachts, large sail training ships, even a hotel barge in the canals of France - and have personally owned twenty-eight boats of which Passat is the latest (see Ketch Passat V.)

In 2002/3 we were retained by Woods Maritime to attend the construction and launch of the 1812 Privateer Lynx in Rockport, Maine; to develop sail training programs, manuals and standing orders; to deliver the ship to the West Indies and later to San Diego, California; and to foster crew development and training (See also Construction and Restoration Projects).  This is one example among several of combining captaincy, consultancy and crew training.

We have also been involved in straight forward deliveries of vessels large and small, power and sail.

If you are looking for experienced crew and/or want help with developing exceptional crew members for your own ship, please contact us.

Yacht Deliveries

Our first yacht delivery was undertaken in 1970.  That first job - the delivery of a 35´ teak sloop, Peregrine, from the Virgin Islands to Dania, Florida - was completed successfully during our honeymoon and the proceeds kept us cruising for another six months!


Over the past forty-plus years we have been involved in literally hundreds of voyages - many of them yacht deliveries - on both coasts of North and Central America; England, Ireland and Europe; the West Indies and Bahamas; French Polynesia; the Pacific Ocean from North American to Australia, New Zealand and return; and some trips to exotic locations such as Easter and Pitcairn Islands.

Martyn holds several certificates of competency from Transport Canada including a 500-ton Master´s, a Fishing Master´s and a rare Sailing Vessel Endorsement.  Margaret is an experienced mate and HAM radio operator.  Combined, we have sailed in excess of 200,000 nautical miles, much of it offshore.

Vessel Types

Martyn has served as master and Margaret in various capacities as mate, radio officer and ship´s nurse in a wide range of sailing vessels to 130 feet, power vessels to 72 feet and commercial fishing vessels to 50 feet.


Each delivery is assessed on the basis of the vessel and voyage type.  Vessels up to 45´ (sail) and 65´ (power) with a large coastal component to the voyage can be undertaken by the two of us.  The average cost for crew alone (2 persons) is $250 per day.
Alternatively, a mileage fee can be adopted for long passages (usually $3 per mile) .  Additional crew members can be retained as needed for $50-150/day depending on experience.

Other costs associated with yacht deliveries are:

• Provisions;
• Fuel and Lubricants;
• Crew travel costs to point of departure and return from point of arrival;
• Moorage en route;
• Agency and clearance fees (international);
• Transit fees (e.g. Panama Canal).

Remember, crew costs are often only 25 to 50 % of total delivery expenses.  We will be happy to quote on any job.

Please contact us at with details of your requirements.