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Marine Consultancy

Many have been involved in the [construction of the Pacific Swift at EXPO ´86] project but I must single out the driving force behind it, Martyn Clark ... He is a mariner of broad experience who has brought common sense, clarity of purpose and sound knowledge of the sea and the ships that sail on it.  He deserves to be proud of this lovely vessel.”
Rear Admiral Michael. A. Martin, Past Commander, Maritime Forces Pacific

Marine consultants, like any specialists, choose areas of expertise in which to concentrate - survey, design, etc. - so it´s important to choose the right person for the task you have in mind.  Since marine consultancy is such a wide field we have outlined below our special interests, some of our clients and examples of past projects.

Instructors´ Handbooks

The development of a successful training program is usually codified in a document know as the Trainee Logbook - a syllabus of training aboard ship and ashore.  Experience has shown that uneven instruction results in uneven and unsatisfactory training; hence, the need for instructors´ handbooks that cover all logbook levels to insure that teaching is consistent, thorough and manageable.  We have been responsible for developing every item of documentation dealing with booking and running a successful sail training organization - including logbooks, trainee manuals and “handouts”, instructors´ notes, standing orders, etc.  - and would be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide the manuals needed to provide first-class instruction.
SALTS Standing Orders

Program Development

No two organizations are identical and programs must be matched to vessel size and characteristics, the nature of voyages undertaken and to the special vision originated by the founders and operators of sail training entities.

Our specific goal is to develop sail training programs that are a natural fit for existing or proposed organizations and include the production of documentation outlined in “Instructors´ Handbooks”, above.

Sailing Vessel Endorsement

Although discussions between Transport Canada and the operators of large passenger-carrying/sail training vessels in Canada are ongoing, at present there are no requirements for Canadian Masters and Mates to hold sailing vessel endorsements.  Additionally, it appears that examinations for such endorsements are not being undertaken at time of writing; however, we recommend that candidates interested in the current status of sailing vessel endorsements contact Transport Canada directly for updates on progress.
Marine Emergency Duties Course Cover

Transport Canada Certification

Commercial, sail training and passenger carrying sailing vessels are increasingly required to be crewed by certified masters, mates and watch officers.  There have been a number of changes to old certificates and the creation of some entirely new ones, such as the 150-ton ticket.

Our specialty is providing either custom-made course material for an organization´s crew members or home-study material for individuals seeking to challenge examinations up to the 500-ton level.  (Please note, several required certificates such as M.E.D., First Aid, Radio, Simulated Electronic Navigation etc. are “attendance” courses only and are not provided by us).  For chartwork and pilotage, meteorology, collision regulations, general ship knowledge etc. from Limited Master, through Fishing Master and Watch Keeping Mate to Command Endorsement please inquire about our self-study materials and recommended reading lists.

Tall Ship Projects

For information on Tall Ship Projects view Projects.