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Times Colonist, Pacific Yachting and Western Mariner



In 2004, we launched the monthly column "Tell Tales" for the Times Colonist, a member of the Postmedia (formerly CanWest Global) string of newspapers.

Our subjects include travel in a nautical vein in far-flung locales stretching from India (boating on the Ganges and the rice boats of Kerala) to France (barging on the canals) as well as vignettes of noted sailors, shipwrights and other salty characters.

At about the same time we commenced a monthly column for Pacific Yachting magazine (O.P. Publishing) titled "A Question of Seamanship". This expanded into feature articles, boat reviews and hands-on maintenance pieces

An analysis of maritime mishaps, "A Question of Judgement", was also developed for Western Mariner Magazine (Eagle Harbour).

Non fiction

Technical and special interest publications such as Seamanship Under Sail for the Canadian Sail Training Association, Sun Sights Made Simple for the 1812 Privateer Lynx and Marine Emergency Duties - Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats for Western Maritime Institute have been written (and illustrated) under contract.


Book Reviews, humour, short stories, travel and maritime subjects have been published in the U.K., Canada, USA and Australia including: Classic Boat, Harbour and Shipping, Pacific Yachting, Sea History, Western Mariner magazines; Times Colonist and Edmonton Journal newspapers; and, the anthology Scamps and Scholars.

Travel Writing

All travel pieces published are based on personal experience and include the following:
    "The Trains of India" (Times Colonist)
    "To Easter and Pitcairn Islands under Sail" (2 part article, Pacific Yachting)
    "Operating a Dutch Barge in France" (Times Colonist and Pacific Yachting)
    "The Ganges River" (Times Colonist and Edmonton Journal)
    "The Rice Boats of Kerala" (Times Colonist)
    "Barging in Ireland" (Pacific Yachting)


"The Freddy Chronicles" (fiction, Pacific Yachting)
"Escape from Breeks" (non-fiction, Scamps and Scholars)
"Christmas with Pirates" (non-fiction, Pacific Yachting)


Things Too Wonderful (auto-biographical non-fiction, unpublished)
Beyond the Blue Mountains : Book One: Windermere (fiction, novel, current)


Over fifty articles published on a variety of topics related to seamanship, navigation, ship handling and maintenance.


The "Writers and Their Craft" series of articles has and continues to be published by Pacific Yachting and includes the following authors: Derek Lundy, Barry Gough, Bill Wolferstan, Clay Evans, Keith McLaren and Sean Russell.
Current Writing

Current Writing

Foreword to Barry Gough's Juan de Fuca's Strait, Harbour Publishing
"Weather Forecasting", Pacific Yachting
"The Marine Survey", Pacific Yachting
"Three Easy Coils", Pacific Yachting
"The Ten Commandments of Flag Etiquette", Pacific Yachting
Beyond the Blue Mountains (unpublished)