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March 27th, 2011
March 27th, 2011


Passat enjoying a brisk sail off Victoria Harbour
Passat enjoying a brisk sail off Victoria Harbour
We have always known Passat as a roomy, well-found vessel built to the highest workmanship of the best boatbuilding woods; however, it was not until last summer that we learned she has an exceptional turn of speed in the right conditions.

Leaving Sidney and approaching Captain´s Passage under sail we noticed a large fleet of schooners racing ahead and accompanied by some spectacular classic yachts of differing rigs (including one fleet-footed Concordia yawl).  Being some two miles to leeward of the fleet we expected them to disappear over the horizon before the day was up.  Incredibly, Passat moved ahead like an express train, traded tacks with the Concordia yawl and cossed the finishing line in third place (unofficially) passing schooners, cutters and yawls!

In the interest of full disclosure it should be noted that she had recently had her bottom anti-fouled and she was sailing in tidal waters well-known to her crew; nevertheless, she only flew her mainsail and jib.  No mizzen, no racing ´kites´ unlike many of her competitors.  Not too shabby for an all inboard rig and displacement approaching 20 tons!


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maintenance of Passat continues with wooded and painted underbodyJuly 2010
maintenance of Passat continues with wooded and painted underbodyJuly 2010

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