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May 14th, 2012
May 14th, 2012


View of Lunenburg Harbour from the golf course
View of Lunenburg Harbour from the golf course
We returned to Canada in early March and soon thereafter our ketch, Passat V, was sold to Harry Stamhuis, a former bosun of the Spirit of Chemainus.  We know Harry will be a good steward as Passat enters a new phase of her long and illustrious career.

At the end of April we flew to Nova Scotia and have spent the intervening days exploring the South Shore and Annapolis Valley looking for real estate treasures in this beautiful part of the world.  Many homes are well over a hundred years old and every city, town or village seems steeped in history.  Stay posted for developments in our most recent property-hunting endeavours.  We have seen over 14 listings so far from old captainīs houses to small farms!

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